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Striking the ball too hard too often, trying to bring a high ball down out of the air, or too many tight direction changes these are all common contributors to groin problems. With groin injuries, as with most, there are different types and severities, from minimal (grade 1) pulls to serious (grade 3) tears. 

Whilst you can’t eliminate the risk entirely the good news is that, again like with most types of injury, there are things that we can be doing to reduce the risk. Read our top five tips that you can implement into your routine to reduce your risk of a groin injury.

Given the demands of football training and match play, the aim of creatine supplementation would be to:

1. Enhance repeated-sprinting ability

2. Improve football-specific skills (e.g. dribbling; jumping; passing; shooting)

3. Enhance cognitive ability (e.g. decision making; passing accuracy)

Our guide to your pre-match nutrition