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Complete Footballer hydration. Our formula is superior to any ready made drink currently available. 



      Developed to provide effective Hydration to footballers on the pitch throughout a game or training. The Hydrate90® Dual Carbohydrate and Electrolyte formula is designed to hydrate, fuel and replace the Electrolytes lost in sweat. 

      › The Hydrate90® Dual Carbohydrate Formula is absorbed up to 40% faster than other drinks that use a single source 
      ›  29g Dual Carbohydrates to fuel your match
      ›  360mg of Electrolytes to replace those lost in sweat

      Great tasting Orange flavour that is easy on the stomach and mixes easily in any waterbottle.

      Drink before, during and after a match or training.

      Bottle not included. You can find it here

      Who is this for?

      Any footballer aged 12+ that wants to increase their energy, electrolyte and hydration levels during a game.



      Mix with 500ml of water in our Waterbottle. Drink before, during and after a match or training.



      The typical distance covered by a top-level, outfield player in a match is 10–13 km and during this the stored energy levels drop by approximately 90% with the body sweating approximately 1.1 litres. Carbohydrate, Electrolyte and Fluid intake during exercise has shown to delay the onset of fatigue and improve performance on the pitch. Studies have shown that a combination of dual source carbohydrates, as contained in Hydrate90®, can increase the bodies absorption rates by up to 40% when compared to a single source carbohydrate. 


      Dextrose, Fructose, Natural Flavouring, Sodium Chloride, Acidifier (Citric Acid), Potassium Chloride, Colouring (Mixed Carotenes)

      Nutrition Information
      100g 33g (1 serve)
      Energy 1522kj / 358kcal 502kj / 118kcal
      Fat 0 0
      - of which saturates 0 0
      Carbohydrates 89.4g 29.5g
      - of which sugars 87.2g 28.8g
      Protein 0 0
      Fibre 0 0
      Salt 1.2g 0.4g


      Supplementary Nutrition Information
      Typical per 100g 33g / 1 serve
      Sodium 485mg 160mg
      Potassium 606mg 200mg


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