How do professional footballers recover after a game?

How do professional footballers recover after a game?

With fixture congestion becoming tighter with each coming season, the ability to recover between games has never been more important.

The first item to address are the fundamentals that should be in place daily regardless of match recovery;

1. A sound sleeping pattern.

2. Good nutritional intake (relative to activity levels).  

3. Being consistently hydrated.

For a simple and easy go to for staying hydrated, check out our Hydrate90© tablets packed with the electrolytes and vitamins being depleted through training and games; to restore your beaten and battered muscles make sure Recover 90© makes it into your kitbag, filled with the protein, carbohydrate and essential amino acids needed to help kick start your recovery process.

These 3 key points are your starting points and crucially the staples of your recovery programme, the only difference being the quantity of each you will need following a hard 90 minutes. Other options include simple strategies like foam rolling and certain types of stretching, both of which are easy options for home-based recovery sessions. More expansive (and subsequently expensive) options include massage, compression garments and cryotherapy; whilst the two former are relatively well known, cryotherapy treatment involves being subjected to -110 Celsius temperatures in the hope of rapidly controlling inflammation.

A key part of the recovery process is the speed at which you begin to implement these strategies post-match, there is a reason you see the pro’s sucking on gels, munching on bars and drinking shakes in the dugout having been brought off. The quicker you kickstart your bodies recovery process the quicker you can push past your limits within training sessions, or for those with two game weeks, merely having the ability to produce another 90 minutes of maximal effort. Our Recover90® Shake and take, is designed for the pitch side with only water needing to be added, a quick shake and your recovery quick start is in your hands.