Why Do Dundee FC Use Soccer Supplement?

Why Do Dundee FC Use Soccer Supplement?

We spoke to Head of Athletic Performance, Ross Hughes at Dundee FC about nutrition, working with SOCCER SUPPLEMENT® and the importance of SOCCER SUPPLEMENT® products.


Hi Ross, firstly, what is your role at Dundee FC?

Head of Athletic Performance. I oversee the sports science support that is provided at the club. Anything that falls under sports science and fitness is my responsibility.


How important is day-to-day nutrition at the club as the season progresses?

It’s a key factor. When we get to the tail end of the season, we look to maximise performance and speed up recovery. The first thing the players do when they are in from training is start the recovery process. The RECOVER90® is easy to use, tastes good and plays a key part in this.


Which SOCCER SUPPLEMENT® products are used on a day-to-day basis at the club?

We use a whole host of SOCCER SUPPLEMENT® products at the club. Recently, the players that have picked up injuries use the IR90® and have really bought into it. On a daily basis we use the HYDRATE90® during training and throughout game days.

Players on specific power programs take the CREAPURE® Creatine. Power equals performance in elite sport so we want our athletes to be the best they can be and the CREAPURE® helps us achieve that.

We use the FOCUS90® gels before games and the FUEL90® gels at half-time. When it gets to the latter stages of a match and we need an extra boost the FUEL90® gels have proved very successful with the players. 

After games we’re using the RECOVER90®. It’s easy to use, the flavours are great and we know we’re getting the best nutrition qualities with it to maximise recovery.


Do you have a personal favourite SOCCER SUPPLEMENT® product and why?

I think they’re all good. I quite like the FOCUS90® gels. They give the players that caffeine boost and coming into the start of games it gives the lads a boost in concentration and allows them to focus. We try to start the games with a high intensity and the FOCUS90® gels covers that base with the players.


How important is it that the products are informed sport tested?

It’s key. It’s key for ourselves as staff knowing what we lay out for the players is tested and we won’t get any comeback. If the players know what they’re putting in their bodies is safe, they can concentrate solely on their game, which is crucial to their performance.


As well as a physical advantage, how does the supplements help the players mentally on top of this?

It’s a massive part; it really does play a huge role. When you’re looking to recruit players to the football club and they see a professional set-up on board, it’s a really attractive prospect. It also helps keep the players at the football club, knowing the best nutritional set-up is in place is a big thing for them.


Finally, what is it like working with SOCCER SUPPLEMENT®?

I’ve got nothing but good things to say about working with the team. Anytime we’ve needed anything, they’ve always been professional. At the elite level of football, they are the standard you expect. The products are really good and they are specifically tailored for football. Having products I can trust is a massive thing for us and SOCCER SUPPLEMENT® tick every box.


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