Why Does Rotherham's Will Vaulks Use SOCCER SUPPLEMENT®?

Why Does Rotherham's Will Vaulks Use SOCCER SUPPLEMENT®?

Rotherham United’s Will Vaulks was one of the first SOCCER SUPPLEMENT® athletes. He reveals all on why he uses SOCCER SUPPLEMENT® products and their benefits for footballers –


How did you get introduced to SOCCER SUPPLEMENT® and how did you join the team?


I was playing for Falkirk at the time and it was through social media. With the products being specifically for football and knowing SOCCER SUPPLEMENT® was Informed Sport tested caught my eye. I liked the products straight away and I think they’ve only improved since. I’m glad to see the team doing well.


Which SOCCER SUPPLEMENT® products do you use on a day-to-day basis?


I use the Chocolate WHEY90® protein every day. I don’t eat much meat so it’s important for me to get my protein in and the WHEY90® helps top up my protein levels.

I also use the FOCUS90® energy gels daily, they’re the best on the market and the best that I’ve ever had. You can really feel the kick when I have them. Or if I have a FUEL90® at half-time, I feel it straight away so I really like the gels.


That leads us on nicely to the next question! What is your favourite SOCCER SUPPLEMENT® product?


The FOCUS90® is what I like the most, As I say, they kick in straight away and I like the flavour of them as well. The fact that I get an instant reaction from them is important because there’s not long before kick off and only about 10 minutes at half-time before you go back out. So the FOCUS90® definitely, I think they’re brilliant.


How important is the RECOVER90® protein for you during a hectic Championship schedule of games?


It’s very important. With me not eating much meat it makes it much more important. I’ve not been the biggest protein shake fan in the past, previous ones have been quite thick and sickly but I find with the RECOVER90® it’s more thinner and easier to drink. It’s generally quite nice and not like a thick, gloopy milkshake.


How do you find the flavours of the SOCCER SUPPLEMENT® products?


I like them all! The Chocolate WHEY90® and the Lemon FOCUS90® are really nice. The Orange HYDRATE90® sachets are very good also, I can’t moan about the flavour, I should probably try some more!


As well as a physical advantage, how do the supplements give you a mental advantage knowing all bases are covered?


I think it is important. We actually did some yoga the other day and the instructor said that your actual 90 minute game is only 0.002 of your week! So it’s important to get all these little advantages over the week, which actually adds up to having a big effect. Going into a game knowing you’ve left no stone unturned is important. At this level you need every extra % you can get.



How important is it for a player, knowing the supplements you take are Informed Sport Tested and safe? 

It’s essential, it’s not negotiable and it’s the most important thing. When I first joined SOCCER SUPPLEMENT® that was the first thing I asked and now I don’t have to check. I actually got drug tested after the Brentford game and to go into that with no fear is a good feeling, I know I have SOCCER SUPPLEMENT® in me and it’s tested and I’ll be fine.


What is it like working with SOCCER SUPPLEMENT®?


I can’t fault the team so far at all! It’s been brilliant, the team helps me out when I need it on and off the pitch. I’ve been involved for a few years now and I really enjoy the product, they’ve been brilliant and I’m glad to see them getting into more and more clubs.


And finally, what are your hopes for the rest of the season?


The hope it that we can stay in the Championship. I’m hoping we can not just survive but climb up the table and show we can compete at this level, I still think we have time to do that. Personally, I would like to end the season with double figures too, that would be nice also!