Kidderminster Harrier's Head Of Sports Science Interview

Kidderminster Harrier's Head Of Sports Science Interview

Soccer Supplement is partnered with clubs across all tiers of the football pyramid. We interviewed Elliot Turner, the S&C coach at Kidderminster Harriers to speak about our partnership


Hi Elliot, what is your role at Kidderminster Harriers?

My role is head of sport science and fitness coach. I run the day to day strength and conditioning sessions and training.


After looking at other Informed Sport companies, why Soccer Supplement?

I looked into Soccer Supplement quite a lot. We’re trying to go on to be a football league club. We saw Soccer Supplement had league clubs partnered with them and the products are really good. They’re looking to go further themselves so it's a good partnership to have.


Did Soccer Supplement be specifically designed for footballers play a key part in the decision?

Yes, definitely. Each product is designed for footballers and some nutrition companies have certain aspects good for footballers and certain aspects not necessary. Soccer Supplement is designed for a footballer and that’s one of the key reasons we wanted to partner with them.


How crucial are the supplements in Kidderminster’s regime in terms of travelling to games and keeping on top of sessions?

Massive. Nutrition is a big part of the game and that extra % we can add to the players means we can perform on the pitch better. The way gaffer and myself want the boys to train is intense, so we want to make sure the boys are fuelled and every day on the training pitch they’re ready to go.


How effective are the Focus90 and Fuel90 gels for the players?

Brilliant. The boys have really taken to them well. The Focus90 helps them before the games to get that caffeine induced into them and the Fuel90’s are used at half-time or at the backend of a game if we’re struggling. The products have worked brilliant, we’ve scored a few late goals this season and still looking strong at the end of the game so the products are helping definitely.


Can you give us an idea of the day to do use of Soccer Supplement at the club?

We use the Hydrate90 before training and before games to make sure the boys are fuelled. We use the Fuel90 and Focus90 gels on game days and then the Recover90 for after games.


Do you have a favourite Soccer Supplement product and why?

For me, because of how many games there are in the a season, the Recover90 is a massive and very good product. When the boys come off the pitch the shakes are ready as soon as they are off the pitch so the recovery process starts straight away.


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