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Who are we?

We are Soccer Supplement, specialists in football performance supplements. Our advanced, scientifically-formulated supplements are designed by industry-leading nutritionists to give footballers what they need to unleash their full potential on the pitch. We are proud to be the trusted partner of many Premier League and Football League clubs, and work alongside elite players like Harry Kane and Paulo Dybala to create bespoke football performance supplements.


We research, test, develop and deliver products to enhance football performance. We work directly with professional players, coaches, sports scientists, Premier League and nutritionists to create nutritional supplements that help fix specific pre-match, mid-match, and post-match performance issues. We help players unleash their full potential.


Our nutritionists formulate supplements that help you prepare more effectively before a match, fuel enhanced performances during the match, and speed up recovery post-match. Because improving your performance on the pitch is at the heart of what we do. We have packaged up the science of elite football, ready for you to use.


The latest pair of expensive football boots won’t help you run faster or train harder. Our scientifically-formulated supplements are proven to take your game to the next level. Because what you put into your body is what you get out of the game. Put your performance first. Add science to your kit bag. #UpYourGame.


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