What you need to know about energy supplements and football

What you need to know about energy supplements and football

Energy – the how and the why of supplementing before, during and after football matches!

  1. Make sure to be ready from the first whistle
  2. Exploit half time for being a fuel stop
  3. Prepare for the next match at the final whistle

Understanding the how and the why of supplementing your energy supply throughout your matchdays is critical if you are to truly maximise your abilities when it counts. All of the sprinting, jumping, accelerating and decelerating will take a significant toll on your carbohydrate stores, hydration levels and branch chain amino acids (BCAA). Some of the more common side effects of depleting these are tiredness, reduced physical and cognitive performance, and in more serious cases injury. A sound, personalised strategy for your matchdays will ensure you are never left wanting for extra energy during the 90 minutes. To start to put that strategy together, first you must understand the types of energy your body will need pre, during and post matches.


1. Pre-Match

Be ready from the first whistle.

Pre game is a great window for ‘pick me up’ type energy, a little extra boost before you kick off to ensure that physically and psychologically you’re as ready as you can be. One of the most researched supplements on the market is something we take for granted daily, caffeine! Our pre match Focus90® caffeinated gels are packed with 200mg caffeine per serving (much more bang for your buck than many other ‘mainstream’ energy drinks), 6g citrulline malate and 3g beta-alanine. They also offer some last minute carbohydrates to make sure your energy stores are fully topped up prior to kick off.

Focus90 Caffeinated Energy Gel for Football

2. Half time

Restore your energy for the second half.

At half time you have to utilise the time allotted to help restore your energy to (as close to) pre game as is possible. Quick release carbohydrates help to restore your depleted glycogen stores; while something like a piece of fruit can go some way to helping top these reserves up, eating anything at half time can prove to be a roll of the dice for gastro-intestinal issues; fluids loaded with carbohydrates and electrolytes (lost through sweat) eliminate that possibility. Try our Hydrate90® sachets or Fuel90® gels for a great tasting half time top up, filled with fast acting carbohydrates and electrolytes.

 Energy and Electrolyte Gel for Footballers

3. Post-match

Begin preparation for your next fixture.

Preparation for the next game starts with the final whistle, this is why getting your recovery right is crucial to regaining those all-important energy levels. Post-game you will need a collective intake of protein and carbohydrates to kick-start your recovery. Protein to rebuild your broken-down muscle tissue and carbohydrate to replace your depleted energy sources. With 31g protein and 32g carbohydrate per serving to ensure both ends of the recovery spectrum are ticked, Recover90® offers an all in one solution to changing room refuelling. 

 Post Match Recovery for Football


A snapshot of your match day routine for energy supplementation.

To summarise, on match day we recommend that you warm up with a Focus90® gel (or Fuel90® if you are avoiding caffeine), refuel at half time with a Hydrate90® sachet or Fuel90® gel, and recover after the final whistle with Recover90®. Take the guesswork out of energising your performances, and make sure you’re fully stocked and ready to unleash your potential on match days.


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