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Why Choose Soccer Supplement?

Football supplement specialists

We focus on one sport so that we can provide footballers with the precise science they need to perform, whatever level they play at.

Science built for your game

Our products are designed in consultation with professional players, coaches, sports scientists, nutritionists and doctors at elite clubs.

We test our products, others don’t

We put your health first. All our products are rigorously batch tested under the Informed-Sport® program, with a guarantee they contain no banned substances.


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Increase alertness. Reduce fatigue. Focus90 is a pre-match gel designed to help raise your concentration and endurance levels.

  • 200mg of caffeine before kick-off can fuel you with the energy you need to improve key attributes such as passing accuracy or decision making.
  • Beta alanine can help you work as hard as possible for as long as possible, when it matters most.
  • Citrulline malate can boost physical performance during short, intense bursts of activity as well as help increase your endurance levels.


Boost lean muscle growth. Whey90® has been formulated to help you build and repair muscles, when consumed 30 minutes after a match or training session.

✓  Our ultra-premium blend of protein isolate has been developed to help you build lean muscle mass, so you can add more power to your game.

✓  3.6g of the amino acid Leucine can help activate the growth and repair processes in your body’s muscles after an intense match or training session.

✓   Packing 32g protein, 7.9g BCAA's and only 0.1g fat per serving, Whey90® provides what your body needs to improve physical performance when it matters most.


Hydrate to dominate. Hydrate90® is designed to hydrate, fuel and replace the electrolytes lost in sweat, helping you maintain performance and stamina levels.

  • Our advanced hydration formula provides you with a lightning-fast release of energy, helping you outrun your opponents for the full 90 minutes.
  • 360mg of electrolytes can replace the minerals you lose in sweat, reducing the risk of muscle cramps and increasing performance levels in the latter stages of the game.
  • Our elite dual carbohydrate 3:1 formula is absorbed by the body up to 40% faster than a single source carbohydrate.


Improve exercise efficiency. Boost performance. Our Pro Grade Nitrate Shot is designed to increase endurance levels, repeated-sprint ability, and power output.

✓ 400mg nitrates per serving can help improve critical aspects of footballer performance such as stamina, and the ability to maintain short bursts of intense sprinting.

✓ Daily intake of nitrates can reduce the oxygen requirements of the body, and improve blood flow and exercise efficiency.

✓ Includes your daily recommended allowance of Vitamin C.


✓  The Soccer Supplement® Omega 3 is designed to be part of a footballers daily routine to perform at your best.

✓  Each Softgel contains 750mg Omega 3 to support your heart, eyes and brain.

✓  Formulated by nutritionists working in elite football. This is what the pro's use.