3 Tips On Increasing Your Acceleration In Football

3 Tips On Increasing Your Acceleration In Football

Having that ‘first step’ speed in and around each penalty spot can create and deny goal scoring opportunities – check out our three tips to a faster acceleration.


1. More Force

To get you going, much like a car, more grunt is going to mean more speed. Instead of horsepower we work in force, specifically how much force you are able to put into the floor! Use the classic big compound lower body lifts and start to unlock your force potential. Don’t neglect your upper body ‘core’ work too though, powering through when accelerating is key to maximising your acceleration phase. Need a helping hand when getting stronger? Check out Creapure for a fast-acting boost to your strength levels!

2. Faster Force

Your acceleration strides are (and should) generally be longer than those at max speed, however there still isn’t much time for you to exert all your energy into the floor. Therefore, you need to teach your body to be able to produce more force quickly (also known as ‘Rate of Force Development’ RFD), which will allow for more of your force generating capacities to be unleashed! A variety of slower and faster plyometric movements will help unleash your rate of force development! Unleashing requires energy – use Focus90® prior to weights sessions to smash your targets.



3. Technique

Like anything, you will need to be technically sound to allow this output to be utilized and get you travelling in the right direction. As mentioned previously, acceleration strides need to be longer and much more aggressive than strides you will be taking at top speed. The ability to stay lower for longer and keeping all your limbs (yes arms included) working from back to front is key to not losing momentum. Quick tip utilise the array of slow-motion video apps currently available – when comparing to gold standard, they can tell you a lot on where you’re going wrong!