Still on a high after around the pre-season tie against Inter Milan, SOCCER SUPPLEMENT® went down to Sheffield United’s Training Ground to talk to Strength and Conditioning Coach Lee Rickards about out partnership with them.

Hi Lee, nice and easy start; so what’s most important when picking a nutrition partner?

LR: “Firstly it follows the Informed Sport programme, that is so important to us, we get drug tested on a week-to-week basis and it’s important anyone follows that programme so players are safe from banned substances and any contamination.”

After looking at other Informed Sport companies, why SOCCER SUPPLEMENT®?

LR:  “We tried the products pre-season 2017, after hearing about them from Derby County - The players liked them, especially the caffeine energy gels (FOCUS90), they have a good reaction to them, it increases their focus during the game. From a protein point of the view the players just preferred the taste to be honest. It’s handy they’re got a greater whey portion per serving (Whey90) but it’s easy for me when they taste good too!”

Did it make a difference for you that we were made for footballers?

LR: “Of course but it wasn’t merely a branding exercise, the scientific literature which is on your website and stuff also supports it. It’s evidence based and you say exactly what you ‘say on the tin’; so we know it improves performance if you use the right dosages."

Dosages are important aren’t they? A lot of people over use or under use and just don’t achieve their goals.

LR: “Ooh 100%, and that’s such a big part of it, education, really. 32g of whey protein is what’s necessary by measure of a lot of research, any more than that is a waste and less don’t give you what’s needed. I follow an evidence based practise through the club and I stand by that.”

Would you recommend Soccer Supplement to other Pro Football clubs?

LR:  "Absolutely, you guys are quick, next day delivery it’s there, you’ve never let us down and you move mountains when we need it. Good to have the personal touch of someone to speak to and most importantly it’s your products. They’re the best supplements out there for footballers so we’re happy using them."

the best supplements out there for footballers

How does that translate to the amateur player? A lot of our customers aren’t the professional athletes, give them some insight as to if these supplements help them?

LR: “It’s science based, ain’t it, it’s simple really – we know Soccer Supplement products will improve your performance for a 90 minute match so it don’t make a difference if you’re a professional or not, they’ll make you the best you. Don’t get me wrong you need to get the basics of nutrition right but these products are the 2% between winning and losing that you need to be part of any decent team.”

We’re proud to be partners of Sheffield United but it’s also great to spend time with the players and the club, seeing them interact and socialise with each other the way they do with fans. Sheffield United are really embracing evidenced based practice to their conditioning work and happy to embrace new ideas; they were one of our first big partners and we’re proud to be renewing with them into a second season.

Forged as one. Sheffield United.