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Given the demands of football training and match play, the aim of creatine supplementation would be to:

1. Enhance repeated-sprinting ability

2. Improve football-specific skills (e.g. dribbling; jumping; passing; shooting)

3. Enhance cognitive ability (e.g. decision making; passing accuracy)

We take a look at Beta-Alanine and its benefits for Footballers. Beta-Alanine is a key ingredient of our FOCUS90® Gels.

Beta-alanine supplementation how shown to improve the lactic acid buffering by 10%2 and studies have shown significant improvements in the repeat sprint performance of Footballers.

Everyone is familiar with caffeine and its effects. However in this post we review its surprising benefits to Footballers.

The use of caffeine, and caffeine-containing pre-workout supplements, have become increasingly popular in recent years. The aim of these products when taken in the hour leading to training or a game are to improve performance by means of increasing alertness, motivation, strength, endurance capacity, technical skill and decision making.