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Sunday League footballers are a diverse breed, although it’s easy to split such variety into two basic categories: those players who turn up to the match smelling of booze, kebab and last-night’s misdeeds… and those who take things seriously.

We’ll assume, having landed on this guide to perfecting your Sunday League match preparation, that you are in the second group!

Aerobic endurance is one of the most crucial fitness attributes for a soccer player, mainly due to the fact players must maintain a high level of intense actions throughout a 90-minute match.
Goalkeepers claiming crosses, centre halves winning first contacts and strikers bagging with their head, there are plenty of examples of jumping higher being advantageous to footballers. Whilst jumping itself is not a particularly complex task, the science of improving your jump height through appropriate physical preparation can be a little more complex.
Speed is key. Here's how and why the professionals use heavy weights to boost their pace.
Considering the gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body, it is probably the muscle that most footballers have the least knowledge about and do not understand how vital it is to help maximise performance.
Why do we warm-up? The goal of the warm-up is to prepare the footballer both physically and mentally for training and competition and can be structured in a way to achieve this.