The Ins and Outs of Football and Sex

The Ins and Outs of Football and Sex



At Soccer Supplement HQ, we have been talking about the possible benefits and drawbacks of having sex before football. Tales of sex bans during big tournaments and matches, in many sports, is well documented. But did these managers and coaches know something we don't? Let's find out.


Is Sex and Football a Bad Mix?


Firstly, where does the idea of shunning sex before sport come from? 

The apprehension actually spans back to the Ancient Greeks, who feared that having sex before athletics would drain men of their energy, while abstaining would have the opposite effect and boost energy. 

It appears that the vast majority of the negativity when it comes to football and sex actually arises from coaches, worried about their player’s stamina levels. 

For example, Pep Guardiola allegedly used to request that Lionel Messi avoided sex after midnight if he was playing a match for Barcelona the following day. 

For the 2010 World Cup, Fabio Capello allowed his England players to see their partners just one day after each game to prevent distraction, while other teams at that tournament did similar things. Glen Hoddle is another who discouraged sex, at least during the group stages of England’s 1998 World Cup tournament.

On the other side of the argument, some footballers argue that sex actually improves their performance on the pitch. These include two Brazilian legends in Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, and George Best, who all said it not only failed to hinder them, but made them happier and able to play better. 


The Good News We All Wanted

Luckily for our concerned readers out there, there is little convincing scientific evidence behind the idea that sex before football could impact energy levels.

One investigation by California State University revealed that in a study of 12 men, having sex made no difference to the muscle force produced by their legs the following day.

It is worth noting that several studies have found that having sex within two hours of sport can undermine performance - particularly for men! For women the opposite has been suggested as they tend to have elevated testosterone levels after sex, which can increase combativity. Useful in a physical game like football!

The takeaway here is that sex the night before is fine, although consider your timing if you are about to play in a big match! 

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The Bigger Concern

Don’t get too excited just yet – there is one more consideration to make.

Surprisingly, sex can lead to some bizarre injuries. Don’t believe us? In 2017, a Harley Street osteopath reported that 80% of the non-sports related cases he encountered were sex-related, with the vast majority coming from slipping during sex in the shower. 

Meanwhile, one slightly older British study revealed that a third of the country admitted to having suffered an injury caused by sex!

The more adventurous among you therefore may want to read our article on how to treat minor injuries or perhaps our guide to warming up properly before football.


To conclude, it is scientifically safe to have sex before football – providing you keep it to more than two hours before kick-off, and don’t try anything too acrobatic!