Footballer Starter Pack


New to Soccer Supplement® and not sure what to try? We have put together this pack for you. It includes everything you need to fuel your next game of Football and to see the difference for yourself. This starter pack includes:


Fuel90® Random Flavour - Energy & Electrolyte Gel
Fuel90® is an energy and electrolyte Gel developed to fuel the 90 minutes. This great tasting gel, with an elite dual carbohydrate 3:1 formula, provides players with an effective, lightning-fast release of energy and electrolytes to help boost performance levels.

Focus90® Random Flavour - Caffeinated Energy Gel 
Focus90® is designed to improve a players’ concentration and endurance levels before the match to sharpen their focus for the full 90 minutes. It contains no fewer than 3 active ingredients and is one of our most popular products amongst professional footballers. 

Hydrate90® Orange - Energy + Electrolyte Drink
Hydrate90® is designed to hydrate, fuel and replace the electrolytes lost in sweat during football. Our dual carbohydrate (3:1 Ratio) formula is absorbed and ready to use by the body up to 40% faster than other drinks that use a simple single source. We also packed in 380mg of electrolytes to help prevent muscle cramps. Great tasting orange flavour that is light and easy on the stomach.

Hydrate90® Orange - 20 x Electrolyte Tablets
Hydrate90® effervescent electrolyte tablets are designed for Footballers that want a great tasting orange flavoured drink, packed with electrolytes and vitamins but don't want any carbohydrate or sugar. 


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