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Match Pack

The Match Pack gives you everything you need to perform at your best on game day. This system is used by Premier League® nutritionists to support their players on a match day.

The Soccer Supplement® MATCH PACK includes:

Focus90® Shot + Focus90® Gel

Focus90® contains a blend of three active ingredients designed to give you a pre-match boost, improve your focus and prepare you for the intensity of the game.

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Fuel90® Gel

Fuel90® provides fast release superior dual carbohydrate energy, key to getting the energy and electrolytes you need when you need them.

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Hydrate90® Isotonic Drink

A great tasting drink combining dual carbohydrate energy with electrolytes and 100% RDA of both Vitamin D and Vitamin B, to help reduce muscle cramps and maintain endurance and performance over 90 minutes.

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Recover90 Shake & Take

An all-in-one recovery supplement formulated to enhance your post-match recovery process with the ideal blend of protein to repair muscles, carbohydrate to refuel muscle glycogen, and electrolytes to help rehydrate your body.

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Suitable For

Recommended for any footballer aged 18 or over who is looking to improve their focus and endurance on the pitch.

  • Gluten Free

Nutritional Information

Please see individual product pages for nutritional information.


Match Pack

Player Bundle

The easy match day nutrition solution. Everything you need before, during, and after your game to be the best version of yourself on the pitch.

Each 2 game pack includes 1x Focus90 Gel and 1x Focus90 Shot for pre-game, 2x Hydrate90 Isotonic Sports Drink and 2x Fuel90 Gel for half time, and 2x Recover90 Shake & Take for after the game.

This is the exact system that Premier League nutritionists give to their players on a match day.

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Soccer Supplement

We work with top professional players and nutritionists from elite clubs to develop ideal solutions to the needs of footballers. This is why we are trusted by thousands of footballers across the globe, from the Sunday league to the Premier League.


All of our products are rigorously tested under the Informed Sport programme, providing assurance for players that our products have been tested for a wide range of prohibited substances. We are passionate about testing because we know that 44% of failed drugs tests in sport come as a result of untested supplements. We always put our players first and firmly believe that you should never put an untested product into your body.


We produce the best products for footballers, and because of this we are trusted by hundreds of top professionals and clubs around the world. We will never compromise on quality, and by focussing solely on football performance we are uniquely positioned to bring you the precise science formulated for your exact needs as a footballer. Join the thousands of other footballers today and discover how Soccer Supplement can help you up your game.