Everything you need to know about Supplements in Football


If you have arrived on this page, chances are you need some information about football supplements. Whether you are confused about creatine or want info about energy gels, you have come to the right place – welcome!

We hope to answer your questions below, but if you have something more specific in mind, you can get in touch and we will point you in the right direction.


What are supplements?

A supplement is simply a manufactured dietary product that you take in addition to your regular diet. Supplements provide vitamins, nutrients or ingredients that may not be consumed on a daily basis or in sufficient quantities. Supplements include products such as vitamins, protein shakes or even that Isotonic drink that you have at half time.

About 77% of adults take some form of supplement. People take supplements for a variety of reasons, but typically they are to promote general overall health or to support and enhance sporting performance (this is what we do at Soccer Supplement®).

Supplements are available in a range of doses, and in different combinations. Each supplement will have a specific purpose, and you should always take supplements with an end goal in mind. Don’t take all the supplements for the sake of it. Instead, figure out an area you want to improve, then find the supplement that helps you to do it.

Supplements should never be seen as a replacement to a daily diet that is rich in macro and micronutrients.


What are Footballer supplements?

At Soccer Supplement® we make football supplements.  What does this mean? 

Simply put, football supplements are nutrition products designed to give you the edge when playing football. These products that are formulated (by nutritionists in the Premier League®) to meet the specific needs of football players and to help them improve their individual games on a match day.

This is done through ingredients and dosage levels that are scientifically proven in football to boost energy levels, improve football specific performance metrics, enhancing recovery, and improving your overall general health. 


Are all Supplements the same?

The short answer is no.

The performance requirements are very different for a footballer playing 90 minutes in comparison to a cyclist going on a ten hour bike ride or a bodybuilder looking to mass gain. Each sport correspondingly has unique dietary requirements and the athletes need supplements that are formulated (ingredients, formats and dosage levels) to meet their needs.

You should always choose products that have been formulated for your performance goal.


Why do Pro Footballers use your supplements?

As you can see from our website, our products used by lots of Premier League® teams, national teams and individuals like Harry Kane, Paulo Dybala and Lucy Bronze. It’s because they know that any advantage they can gain in their own physical performance could be the key to their team winning or losing a match.

We are the only company that makes supplements to meet the exact performance needs of footballers.

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What are the benefits to my football performance?

Every Premier League® club has a sports science department with dedicated nutritionists that look after the players diets and their supplementation. This is because of the huge performance benefits that come with the correct diet and effective match day supplementation. 

Some of the benefits include:

  • Sprint speed
  • Distance covered
  • Shooting accuracy
  • Reaction time
  • Jumping ability
  • Recovery times

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Can these products help me or is it just for the Pro’s?

Yes! Our products are designed to help footballers of all abilities – not just the pros. Football supplements are used everywhere from the Champions League to five-a-side matches after work. This may be boosting energy before a match, improving your ability to recover, or simply enhancing your hydration. They will help you perform to the best of your abilities. 

We do point out that taking our supplements isn’t going to give you the shooting prowess of Salah or the pace of Mbappe, but they will genuinely help improve aspects of your game. We must emphasise that supplements work best when you already have a solid foundation of diet, hydration and sleep. With these fundamentals in place, Soccer Supplement® products can give you the edge.


Will they have an instant impact on my performance?

In many cases, yes they will.

For example, taking a Focus90® shot before a match will instantly help you focus. This is because studies show that taking 200mg of caffeine during your pre-match warm-up helps to improve certain abilities related to football performance. Caffeine is also able to help improve your endurance levels, jump performance, passing accuracy, and decision-making ability.

But you have to be realistic.

Understand that these supplements can give you the edge in the sense that you may be able to pass a little more accurately or outlast an opponent. But they won’t automatically turn you into a top-class player - you need to put in the hard work!

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