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Soccer Supplement Bottles and Holder on a Football Pitch

Match Day supplements

The average professional footballer will run 12km in a game, sweat 1.1 litresburns over 1,500 calories and loses up to 2kg in body weight. It shows just how important it is for anyone playing football to think about how they prepare, fuel and recover from their game. 

We have put together this page to help explain how to time your match day supplements so you can get the maximum performance benefits out of them.


Before the match it’s vital to ensure your carbohydrate energy stores are topped. Without this, your body is running on empty and your performance levels will drop significantly.

Our Focus90® Caffeinated Energy gel is exactly what is needed in this scenario. This gel is scientifically formulated to enhance concentration and improve endurance from the first minute of the game.

If you are playing a later game or evening training session, you may prefer Fuel90® Energy Gel instead. This has no caffeine, but offers a 3:1 dual-carb formula, which is absorbed by the body up to 40% faster than a single source of carbohydrate.

We recommend that you take either Focus90® or Fuel90® 30 minutes before kick off.

Sheffield United Footballer using FUEL90 Energy Gel

During Match

When the match is underway, the most important thing you can do nutrition-wise is to keep yourself hydrated and resupply your energy stores (muscle glycogen). This can be achieved during any stops in play or at half time.

We recommend our Hydrate90® Isotonic Drink for half time. It provides 30g dual-carbohydrate formula to fuel your 2nd half, 422mg of electrolytes to replace those lost in sweat, as well as essential vitamin D and B vitamins – perfect to keep you going until the final whistle.

Drink at half time.

Scotland National Team Using Soccer Supplement Bottles


As soon as that final whistle blows, attention should turn from fuelling to recovery. Rehydrating with fluid, Replenishing energy stores and Repairing damaged muscles (these are known as the " 3 R's ").

We recommend our Recover90®all-in-one drink, which provides 31g of protein, 30g of carbohydrates and 371mg of electrolytes for a convenient recovery boost.

Take this within 30 minutes of the game finishing for maximum benefit.

West Ham Footballer Celebrating Post Match