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Informed Sport independently tests Soccer Supplement’s entire range of products to ensure they contain no banned substance and are safe to use. This means we can assure our customers that the products they use will up their game safely and risk-free.

All of our products proudly display the Informed Sport logo and can be found on Informed Sport's list of certified products.

All Soccer Supplement products are batch tested under the Informed Sport program and come with a guarantee that they contain no banned substances. All our products proudly display the Informed Sport Logo on their packaging — Informed Sport list our brand as one of their certified brands.
We caught up with West Ham nutritionist Matt Jones to talk about the role nutrition plays in the squad, and how diet and supplementation can help footballers from the Premier League® to the Sunday league prepare for, fuel and recover from their matches. Read on to find out more about nutrition in top flight football, so that you can apply the same principles to your game.
Soccer Supplement continue our partnership with Sunderland AFC, it's now our second year of working with the Black Cats. They've chosen nutrition designed for football to fuel them over the season. More information check out the blog and socials.
In Football, everything counts.