Accrington Stanley Interview

Accrington Stanley Interview

SOCCER SUPPLEMENT® is a partner of Accrington Stanley and provides them with the supplements they need to perform on the pitch. In the first year of the partnership Accrington went onto win the League Two Title and achieve promotion to the third-tier of English football for the first ever time in the clubs history. Here is why they use SOCCER SUPPLEMENT®.


Firstly, what is your role at Accrington Stanley?

First Team Sports Therapist


How important is day to day nutrition at the club with such a busy schedule?

Nutrition is great way for players to recover so we try to inform the players what foods and supplements they should be taking and when they should be taking it for optimal results.




Can you give us a day to day idea of what Soccer Supplement products Accrington Stanley use and when? 

We use Soccer Supplements products everyday, whether that’s the protein after training or games or the Hydrate90 during sessions through the week.


How important is it knowing Soccer Supplement is Informed Sport tested? 

It’s vitally important that any supplements our players take are tested by Informed Sport. This assures that the products we use are safe and meet all the regulations for our players to use.


Accrington won the League Two title brilliantly last season, how did nutrition and Soccer Supplement play a key part?

In the title winning season we didn’t make to many changes to starting 11 for a long period so it was vital we was making sure the players recovered in the right way by taking in the right supplements so they was fully recovered going into each game.

As well as a physical advantage, how does the supplements help the players mentally on top of this? 


Anyone who has been around football will know players will have their own habits and superstitions so for some of our players like Sean McConville & Billy Kee will always have Focus90 pre match because it will help them maintain their performance levels during the game and some of the players know if they do not taking in the Recover90 after the game the affects of the game a lot more the next day. So taking the small doubts out the players minds which may psychologically help them through the game can give us a give an massive advantage.


Do you have a personal favourite product and why?


Focus90 is a great product it’s a fast acting carbohydrate and high in caffeine which is a great way for our players to take before games.


What are SOCCER SUPPLEMENT® like to work with as partners?

Great company with fantastic staff who are continually in contact with the myself and the club on what they could be doing for us and asking for feedback which is great to work with a company who wants to listen to feedback and deliver the best for their clients


Finally, what are your hopes for the rest of the season?

For anyone working in football I think the hopes are to finish as high as possible in the league and for the players to stay injury free.

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